April 8, 2009


After multiple attempts to upload pics to my blog, I stand frustrated. Why god why can I NOT put pics of my con adventures up?

Hulk SMASH!!

If I had Hulk hands I'd be banging them together repeatedly to hear the exclamations of Gamma infused rage.

In fact, I'd probably hack the Hulk hands to put a few of my own phrases in the mix. Such as:

"Hulk hate mimes!! There are NO WALLLLLLL!!!"

"Hulk hates undercooked cow brains on toast!!"

"Hulk buy purple pants in bulk!!!!"

Welcome back to the land of random. Enjoy your stay. :)


Anonymous said...

YEA! A new post! Does this mean that you're back?


Oracle_Batgirl said...

Yes, I'm back. Get your pitchforks and angry mob together!!! :)