April 10, 2009

Geeking Out Over ECCC

This last weekend I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Michael Hogan who plays Colonel Saul Tight on Battlestar Galactica. Not only was he gracious, but he was funny, easygoing and a pleasure to chat with. I seriously geeked out over meeting him and was given the privledge of a photo op and a big hug. I won't say it made the con for me, but it was a big reason I was floating on geeky vapors of joy for most of the day. :)

Also there as con eye candy (Cause Julie Benz just wasn't enough *lol*) was Tahmoh Pinikett who plays Carl Agathon (otherwise known as Helo). Seriously though he was yet another BSG actor I found to be approachable, gracious and good natured about all the geekery he was being exposed to. Apparently, he had a girl stalker who had been um...innapropriate in some of her virtual interactions on various sites. She was allowed to meet him I was told and no problems ensued. I'm going to guess he knew what she looked like and didn't freak or push her away. Nice guy. I asked him where he'd be working next. His answer, "Check out Dollhouse." I smiled and said, "From BSG to Joss Whedon? Nice segue."

Finally, rounding out the BSG boys club was Aaron Douglas, otherwise known as Chief Gaylen Tyrol on BSG. Oddly I didn't go over and shake his hand or compliment his performance on the show. I made so many rounds, met so many awesome actors, writers and artists I was feeling a little like I did in Italy. After 15 days of seeing amazing art I walked right by DaVinci's, 'Last Supper' painting and didn't have the hutspa to go in and see it. I observed him clowning with his BSG friends, being great to his fans and enjoying his time. By the end of the day, that was enough for me.

Of Course the crowning jewel of my 'actors at the con' experience was having my picture taken with the ever lovely Jewel Staite. She was as beautiful in person as she is on the small (or big) screen. Kaylee was (and remains) one of my favorite Firefly characters. *Sighs* Definitely going up on my, 'Wall of Awesome' with my pics of Myself and Jamie Bamber and Michael Hogan. :)

However that said, nothing at the con left me as starstruck as my holy grail of statuary. The most magnificent piece of comic inspired art to grace my home, or my hands (matched ONLY by my Batgirl Bust). I give you:

And seriously, 'Nuff said.

One of the best cons I've been to in AGES for talent and merchandise. Great day, great experience. :)


Elwood said...

That statue rules all! Nice find, OB!

Also, welcome back. I missed your blog while you were away.

Oracle_Batgirl said...

@elwood I'm gonna tell you, that statue makes me a HAPPY geek. :) Awesome work.

And thank you for the velkommen bek. I will be visiting blogs and blogging more in the future.

And just sayin', Whiteout is gonna be a movie so who called the awesome?! *grins*