August 6, 2008

Would That It Were Full Sized

All I want for Christmas is a Pony, an easy bake oven and a 1:6 scale model of the Batpod. It's only £299, which in American dollars probably amounts to $500 bucks (oh dollar, I remember when you had real value) I found this little gem on the Forbidden Planet website, and snagged the pic off the twitter they posted today. Yet another reason to travel to England (other than the fabulous cuisine *coughs* and the Queen), to hit comic book shops like FP. I wonder if anyone has cornered the market on comic shop tours of the world? *ponders*


Elwood said...

Oh shit...what happens when Wicked Juan sees this? I bet he books the next available flight across the pond.

Wicked Juan said...

Nope. Saving my money for a full size, fully operational Batpod, complete with missle launchers that reduce traffic congestion.

I think worldwide tours of comic stores is a novel idea though. Good job, Babs.

Doctor Smoke said...


I... saw... it....


but I'm poor so I couldn't buy it.
But I do haz comix.
Read my blog pls?