June 15, 2008

Booster Gold, Time Traveller

Batman reflected in one gauntlet. Robin in the other. And Booster actually looking badass? Jurgens and Rapmund did FINE work on this pic. Anyone who says an inker doesn't contribute to the quality of the artwork produced hasn't actually looked at every aspect of the piece, nor do they likely appreciate collaborative works in general. Norm Rapmund makes this piece pop with his finishes. This (imho) enhances and enriches Dan Jurgens pencils (much as bad inks can totally sabotage them). It's really too bad Dixon has had his recent woes with DC, with all of their talents together it could've been a longer lasting association that gave the fans something to look forward to in the DCU.

Chuck Dixon writes a two-part "Booster Gold" arc beginning in August's issue #11. Check it out.

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