June 29, 2008

Cross posted for sheer laziness

So I posted on the comic stop blog about the Atari Label Maker 2600 and made an example of what you could do with it (fun stuff, ripe with potential for pranking, teasing, homages, ect). Here's another example of the goofy ways in which this nifty little program can be used. Enjoy irresponsibly! ;)

Oh and after spending obscene amounts of cash at the my favorite crack distributor (aka-comics), The Comic Stop, I had a random find. If you're not reading, 'Franklin Richards, Son of a Genius' you should be. Calvin and Hobbes style art/storytelling with the FF and company in tow...

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Elwood said...

Unrelated to the label maker (which is cool, btw) - it was nice to meet you in person this weekend!