June 26, 2008

Emily the Strange

Have you read Emily The Strange? This title has an extremely cool website, an upcoming movie and scads of accessories. Rob Reger created Emily in 1993 and it’s taken off from there. I’m a recent convert to the title, but I have a feeling I’ll be back collecting as much as I can get my hands on. Besides, this is one of the better revenge lists I’ve seen (feel free to suggest any others, never let it be said I didn’t have an open mind!) Yes, Banana in the tailpipe has been done before...(Ah Beverly Hills Cop, thank you for the Eddie Murphy voice over every time I say, 'Don't be puttin' no banana in my tailpipe!') but the addition of the SUV gives it a timely update in a time of great terror for SUV manufacturer...banana in the tailpipe indeed...muha!

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