June 18, 2008

Smith Magazine

Having been directed to this excellent webcomic on the Smith Magazine website, A.D.: New Orleans after the deluge I found myself surfing their other webcomics (it's more than that of course, stories, blogs, comics all tellling personal stories or using narrative to give a historical/personal perspective). Well worth a look over if you're interested in that sort of material. :) The Author and Illustrator of AD, Josh Neufeld also has his own website which details this and other projects and interests. Also worth a look imho.

Edit: I was reading the latest chapter in the New Orleans webcomic and it was incredible, heartbreaking truth. This quote in the responses to Chapter 12 really struck me, so I had to bring it here.

6.5.08—8:55 pm Mary in the Cemeteries


bad enough my friends have all moved awayor never returned

the grocery store hasn’t reopened

nor the pharmacy

the library is in a tin can and don’t got no internet

post office only opened this week

and my neighbor got shot over his FEMA tin can

now I gotta be reminded how this crap all started?!

keep reminding me, josh keep reminding me don’t let me ever forget

sinn fein


1 comment:

Wicked Juan said...

Possibly the best web comic I've ever seen. A great, great, great piece of work.

I guess they will be releasing it in trade and the creator will be doing some additional content for the collected edition.