July 3, 2008

The All New Classic Story Arc Review! This weeks review: Walter Simonson

Writer and Penciler: Walter Simonson
Inkers: Walter Simonson, Terry Austin and Bob Wiacek
Trade Paperback reprinting THOR #337-348
Published by Marvel Comics, 2001

Now, as everyone knows...Walter Simonson had his finest moment as a writer and artist on his run with Thor. When Walter Simonson jumped onboard with issue #337, he had his new creation BETA RAY BILL shatter the logo design that had been around since 1966 - but - this was just the beginning. Simonson completely revitalized the Asgardian universe with his compelling tales and majestic illustrations. His ability to realistically mix old Norse legends with the Marvel Universe made his run on THOR one of the most popular titles of the '80s, as well as, one of my personal favorites. The intrigues of Loreli, the epic and foretold treachery of Sutur who desires to helps to bring Ragnarok, Baldur and Karnilla's romance (shhh...having a girly moment here). Thor first encounters Beta Ray Bill, loses his original human identity and develops a new one. It slowly builds up to a big battle over something called "The Twilight Sword," This to me encompasses the Simonson run. His storytelling here, in conjunction with his artwork is unique and well worth collecting. Please, if you get a chance check out his arc, do. This lush and sweeping saga takes on a mythic era in human history and gives it fresh appeal. Buy it, you won't be disappointed.

To me, this story arc encompasses epic storytelling and fantastic artwork and Walter gives 110% to the mythology that is Asgard.

Watch as Walter Draws Thor at a Convention....

(and check out his shirt, the guy has good taste! *grins*)


Doctor Smoke said...

I know this is a bit off topic, but have you any casting ideas regarding th possible Thor movie they might make?

I've never been that interested in Thor, myself, but I'd love to see a darker version portrayed in a film (perhaps without the winged helmet XD)

also, page one of Except me and my Monkey is up.
I'm inking page two as I write this.
Yes! I type with my feets!

and yet girls STILL won't go out with me.

Khairul H. said...

My favourite issue of the Simonson run is the Frog-Thor episode. Classic!

Oracle_Batgirl said...

DS@ I'd be fairly hard pressed to even come up with a decent actor to do Thor, at least American ones right now. They might use the Ultimate template for Thor in the upcoming movie/movies he'll be featuring in in which case, no winged helmet.

So far really liking your new work! :)

khairul@Welcome to teh blog! And yes that issue was excellent. I loved that one and issue #351 when the Earth is besieged and Thor has to pull out some whoop ass...but it just ain't enough. His DADDY has to step in (after Thor gets the crap kicked out of him of course) and bring one eyed fury of Odin! *grins*