July 11, 2008

Free Kibble

If you go to this website and play the trivia game each day, 20 free kibble are donated to animal shelters in both Oregon and Washington State. Please, take a few minutes to help those in need.


themaimedman said...

random checking at the exact right moment, done and done, bookmarked too.

Doctor Smoke said...

moi aussi, OBG.

Oracle_Batgirl said...

MM@Thank you for both commenting and bookmarking. The girl who started this program was both an exceptional and caring personality and I wanted to make note of it. :)

DS@I don't think it matters if you're Aussie mate, just that you take the quiz once and awhile to contribute to the kibble fund.

Doctor Smoke said...

it means 'me too' in french, doesn't it?
did I spell it wrong?

he gets the thanks and I get the nag.
story of my life ;-)

p.s. if that was a joke, you have to put a smiley at the end otherwise my feeble brain just gets all hot and bothered. ta.

Oracle_Batgirl said...

DS@Your brain was not feeble, I say thee nay!! I went on the interwebs and translated your words which in the ever reliable cyberspace came out to, 'I'm Aussie' and so it was an error in my translation which led to the confusion. :) Thank you for following the link and providing free kibble for the worthy pups of Oregon and Washington State.

Doctor Smoke said...

lost in translation thanks to the mind-funkery of interwebs.

oh and by the way, may I plug my comic?
Plug plug plug.

danke (which means thank you) :-)