July 5, 2008

Take That Fascist!!

Just when you thought Cap couldn't possibly be any more awesome...
He brings the pain, punching Hitler right in the chops!
Want more Classic Cap?

Edit: Somebody else took exception to Hitler this Saturday, ripping his waxy head off in a fit of rage!


themaimedman said...

Now that's patriotic!

Doctor Smoke said...

meh. Not that hot on patriotism.

I liked Zombie Colonel America more.
the first page of my new project is up.

Oracle_Batgirl said...

MM@Yes, and if I'd found and posted it on the actual 4th I would've been kick ass! *grins* However I was happy to have found such an excellent compendium of old Cap covers for future use and reference.

DS@I would agree that patriotism in this day and age is an entirely different animal than it was back in the WWII days, but I loved the sentimentality of the imagery (plus the pure unvarnished Wartime propaganda *grins*) I don't consider myself so much a patriot as a Zen Buddhist, but that's another story ENtirely.

I'm pimping out your work to everyone I know so keep it up!! :)

Doctor Smoke said...


you foul thing, you.
I feel dirty. ;-)

Doctor Smoke said...

also. update on EMAMM