July 8, 2008

Fu%@ the Fu@#ing Fu#$*rs

Please, don't follow this link unless fowl (that's for you Juan...me spel gud) language occasionally makes you laugh. It's perportedly a Monty Python skit that was made into an audio which a clever gent then made into a video. Admittedly, this made me laugh so what does that say about me? :)

(see if you can spot the egregious spelling errors in aforementioned video!! Clearly animation and not spelling are his forte!)


themaimedman said...

Still laughing.

Fornicating Under Carnal Knowledge, see also an acronym. F@#$ that word is versatile.

Elwood said...

I don't recall that ever being a Monty Python skit, but that general narrative has been around since the dawn of fucking time...I remember a print out (on mimeograph paper) hanging by the desk of one of my Mom's co-workers at least 30 years ago.

Oracle_Batgirl said...

Elwood@I'm going to guess you're quite right here. Monty Python might have POSSIBLY lampooned this but it's got to be older than even them.

MM@That Fu#@ing word is versatile indeed. ;)~

Wicked Juan said...

F@$#. You know I'm a mark for links that say "don't follow this link."

Doctor Smoke said...

I thought it was an acronym for
Fornication Under Consent of the King.

cool video.
FUNK is still cooler than Fuck, though. ;-)

Oracle_Batgirl said...

WW@Yes, I had an evil plan to make you follow the link, thus corrupting your previously virginal vocabulary! Muhahah!! *grins*

DS@Admittedly funk is a word above all others. And, according the the gospel of Van Halen (the Sammy Hagar incarnation)


Was one of the acronyms used as well. :)