July 25, 2008

Well, it made ME laugh!

Gulliver, did you forget something?


Elwood said...

HA! He should have bought the box marked "caucasian."

Elwood said...

Also, never use the condoms provided in the minibar. They never fit and cost $25.

Oracle_Batgirl said...

Elwood, you get me...you really really get me! *grins* The only thing a minibar is REALLY good for is keeping your gallon jug of Night Train chilly for the 'special lady' you invite to come up later.

*waits to be struck by lighting or mauled by Tigers for having such a filthy mind*

Elwood said...

Night Train? Really? I'm a Mad Dog man myself. Chicks need to be really drunk to get with me, or else it's just sad laughter and the exchange of currency.

Doctor Smoke said...

I just thought how sad this guy is.
What an inflated ego.

and she's just pissed because he insists on looking cool by ripping it open verrrry slowly with his teeth.