July 28, 2008

San Deigo Comic Con Envy

So I follow Kirk Warren's link to pics from the San Diego Con and I'm immediately thinking about how I can wrangle my way there next year. Some of the costumes were noteworthy and I picked a few pics out to share, with commentary of course.

I have absolutely NOTHING bad to say about Cap's costume. This guy nailed it, even with mods. He gets best costume award from me.

Skeletor has really let himself go since He-Man was cancelled back in the '80's. I sense two possible outcomes: a) an appearance on Robot Chicken or b)A new reality show that brings together the He-Man cast for fist fights, naked bbq'ing and xbox hooliganism. Skeletor's xbox nom de plume? Big_Boner. He IS a villain after all...(yes, I went there)

She gets sexy costume award and bonus points for cleavage artfully displayed. This was her Joker costume apparently and although I would normally haggle over the lack of similarities, I'm inclined to let her have this one on um...merit.

Venture Brothers villain 'The Monarch' makes an appearance. No doubt to recruit for his evil organization in a quest for world domination and a hot pastrami sandwich on rye.

I had to pick up this one because well....I'm such a big fan of Hello Kitty? *coughs* Emma Frost looks great, I wish her hand wasn't in the way of the pic though....

I'm going to give these girls points for picking two of my favorite fem vigilantes/crimefighters but I'm going to have to admonish Batgirl, seriously now as a role model you should lay off the ganja before a gig.

This concludes my pictorial commentary for today. Return to more productive pursuits. ;)~


Elwood said...

HA! "Big_Boner" FTW.

Oracle_Batgirl said...

Thank you Elwood, I sat there...stared at the wrongness for long moments before nodding my head and clicking the save button.


Elwood said...

Well...aside from 7th grade math class, when is a Big Boner ever a bad thing?

Great minds run in the same gutter, you see.

Ferretnick said...

That is classic!

Looking at the photos from the (con following the link) I loved Barf from "Spaceballs". You don't get to see enough of that character!

Generic Levitra said...

I'm fascinated withe the costume of Captain America, I have been looking for something similar, but I haven't found it yet. I'm so anxious because Halloween is around the corner.