July 7, 2008

Sidekick, Surprisingly Funny

Ok so I go to the Image website (for like, the first time ever. My geek cred falls slightly on the index) and check out Shark Man #1 as a free download and notice a comic titled, 'Sidekick'. I think, 'Eh, might be ok.' It's better than alright, especially for anyone who was a fan of the Tick (comic and/or animated series and/or the short lived and imho hilarious tv series). Written by Paul Sidekick (alter Ego, Paul Jenkins) and illustrated by Chris Moreno this first issue makes fun of superheroes, secret identities, the sidekick (the guy with the funniest lines in the issue and not incidentally the main character and narrator) Superior Boy (pizza boy by day, smart ass sidekick by night) and his hero/mentor(?) Mister Excellent. If the next issue is another like this first one, I'll be seriously considering putting it on my pull list.


Wicked Juan said...

Sidekicks aren't usually that funny. Mostly, they make a nice distraction for the bad guys while the hero does real work. :P


Wicked Juan said...

PS As soon as my meeting started to churn, I spent the rest of it (about 50 minutes or so) thinking about Shark-Man.

technogreek said...

Sidekick is super good, there's a trade paperback out now and I highly recommend it!

Oracle_Batgirl said...

WW@Although I would LOVE to throw something at you for saying that...I can't deny the sidekick fodder that is Haayseed in R6 or really, any other game we've played together. *grins*

And Shark Man is actually a cool concept, we'll see where they go with it from issue #1.

TG@See this is what happens to me, I connect to the interwebs, find other people who like comics and proceed to spend ungodly amounts of money on the recommends of others!! However that said, thank you. I will make George hand deliver it to me. *grins*

Wicked Juan said...

Shark. Man. Those were the only two words I needed.

I am such a simple lad.

Elwood said...

That cover is a little, um, gay. Good thing Wertham is dead.